Monday, 30 July 2007

And the Summer Trundles on...

Whats the deal with the bank of scotland advert featuring "Beth of Stranraer"? She appears to live in some sort of beautifully idylic hamlet of stone buildings, large country houses and greenhouses and stuff. It makes me wonder if there is another Stranraer in Scotland, which is not a burnt out depressing dive. I cant find any pictures online that show the depravity of the place, but you'll have to take my word for it.

Speaking of pictures, I am now digital camera-less after misplacing it at the Wickerman Festival. Was looking forwards to making picture blog stuff of the burning of the wicker bastard, alas I canna, unless I steal some photos from somewhere. This also means that the chances of blogs with pictures of stuff i've been doing might be few and far between. Not that there is actually anyone reading. Also its not as though my blogs are regular anyway.

Been in Glasgow this weekend for my mate Graham's first ever gig, was very very good, amazing crowd and the afterparty was a bit mental. Got talking to a guy about music and kept slagging bands then discovering he was mates with them. Oops. Dont think he was offended though, cause he didnt loose his temper and kept talking to me. The first six issues have gone on sale in Transmission in Glasgow, will be in The Embassy in Edinburgh by next week, One Up, Kilau, Peacocks and Aberdeen Art Gallery nearer the homestead and will be available at the Make Stand at next weeks Pitenweem Arts Fesival. Buy it!

Finally, how could I ever think the Simpsons could fail me? I wasnt sure what to make of the Simpsons movie, but I laughed from the beginning to the end almost constantly. The naked Skateboarding was great, as was Harry Porker. I cant remember much of it so I'll need to get it on DVD or go see it again perhaps. Who knows?

Here is a poster for my next Exhibition anyway.

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