Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting, been busy which led to shingles which led to inactivity which led to feeble excuse.

Anyway in the spirit of the season here's what's amusing me right now:

Thats right they're actually amusing me right this second, or actually a few minutes a go giving time to write the beginning bit, find the links, cut and past them and then write this bit. Plus the time it takes to write whatever else I write in the blog. So that could be a good twenty odd minutes ago, so they might not be amusing me any more, in fact I probably now hate them.

Anyway some other things that are amusing me right now:
1. The very full cup of tea next to me.
2. The fact it is christmas tomorrow.
3. The fact I'm managing to get home for christmas after illness scare
4. The fact I can recornise the Mighty Boosh Live from the upstairs flat because everything up there must be listened to at the volume of a concord engine.
5. The Sonic Screwdriver Tracy gave me for christmas (Which I opened already)
6. Lego Batman for the PS2 which Kieran gave me for christmas.(Which I opened already and completed)
7. Christmas
8. I have a new nephew
9. Christmas.

Bah Humbug to All!

Yup, can't be bothered with those videos anymore

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