Friday, 30 January 2009

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Well it's been a funny old week. Been the first week of term at work and things are pretty hectic. I can almost feel the mechanisms of the degree show clunking into action. This will be my third degree show on the other side of the fence and it's funny how things work in cycles. When your at art school your going through all the different stages, from the wide eyed nievete of first year through to having to put together the first big show of your career. It's amazing how much you change as a person and as an artist over four years in art school. You arrive wishing to cast aside and destroy all these stuffy conventions of conceptualism, context, and chin scratching only to find yourself at the other side as the sort of person you hated at the beginning, but with a deeper understanding of why things are the way you are.

But now I went back to the school to work it is a completelly different situation. You get to understand the workings of an art school. The trends and the patterns that exist through the student body. Each year a new bunch of 'crazy' young first years flood in ready to begin thier journey and each year the looming cloud of the logistical nightmare that is the degree show. This year the graduating class are those who were in first year when I was doing my honours, and things feel as they are coming full circle.

The thought of facing Grays without people there who were there when I was a student is a bit odd really, means I'll have finally 'properly' cross over into the realms of staff and all memory of my art school days will be gone from the student body. It's just a reality I'll have to face I suppose.

Also this week I've been getting more into the world of blogging. I know I've been sporadically waffling on this for a long time, I pulled out the twitter account and got it up and running on the old iPhone. I've been getting quite into it but I've only got six followers and I'm pretty sure they aren't interested in what I have to say. I almost posted from the toilet earlier nut I didn't think the Internet was ready for news of my turf. Although obviously I've changed my mind now I'm writing this. Ive managed to get a feed from my twitter running on this blog, and I'm currently trying to find a way to get my tumble to update through here and this blog update through tumblr. Although I'm not sure if that'll just create some sort if horrible feedback blog loop.

Cake is running through a number of last minute snags and hitches. Hopefully get them sorted out at the beginning of the week to try and avoid slippage. Marks issue should be in in a couple of weeks so looking forwards to that. Also been in couple of meetings about the June issue, which looks as though it's going to to be something quite special. Martins issue seems to be coming along quite nicelly as well, although I don't want to see it until it's finished. Just need to chase up a couple of the other issues to see how they're getting g on. Also need to investigate funding options for the magazine.

Well an exciting weekend of proposal writing, magazine posting and hopefully cake fixing ahead. Updates on my twitter no doubt.

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