Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Letter.

This is the full version of a letter printed in today's press and journal. In response to an article about Katies petition published this week:

"Dear Editor

I was thrilled to read your article on the Arts Centre, bringing
further attention to Katie Guthrie's valiant efforts to make people
aware of the threat present in the proposal for the Arts Centre.

The notion of paving over Union Terrace Gardens is horrific, only
trumped by Ian Wood's proposal to build yet another shopping mall
accompanied by yet another driech carpark.Why on earth do we need more
of the same?!

The plans for the Arts Centre integrate it within the existing
enviroment of the garden, complimenting His Majesty's, Aberdeen City
Library and the transient International Market. Essentially these
plans would turn the heart of the city into a culturally rich
enviroment, and promises to be a highly lucrative investment, not only
financially but as an investment for practicing artists and more
importantly in supporting youth run organisations such as White Space.

To suggest housing the centre in Ian Wood's proposed shopping mall, is
insulting and cheapens the very notion of culture and free thinking.

The importance of the aesthetics and history of Union Terrace Gardens
play an integral part in the development of this project,something
which Ian Wood and council memebers seem oblivious too in their intent
to build another facade of granduer.

If people like Wood continue to try and strip Aberdeen of its natural
beauty spots and the injection of much needed cultural investment,
Granite City will soon feel more like a concrete coffin of capatalism.

Please continue to keep this issue in the public eye, it's their city
too and they have the right to a say.

Kind Regards

Jody Curtis"

If anyone else would like me to post any of thier letters in full please email them to and if there's enough I'll start a fresh blog for letters.

But please continue to write in support to the addresses in the post below

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