Monday, 9 November 2009

The Big Partnership

The Big Partnership are Scotland's leading PR Company with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy and an impressive client list including the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council, Grolsch, BP, Stagecoach and BT amongst many more.

The Aberdeen branch are also representing Sir Ian Wood and ACSEF's Civic Square project and last Friday afternoon spent no less than FOUR HOURS on this blog, checking out the posts and also the comments to all my posts concerning the UTG debacle.

(click above to enlarge)

In light of such an outstanding contribution to the campaign and having such a difficult job in attempting to put a positive spin on an act of wanton destruction of a public Garden, we would like to award you with your very own I heart UTG badge.

I hope you had a great time and found the posts here informative.

please contact to collect your prize


lepeep said...

Nice one. It's amazing what the web can let you find out, when you look, eh.

Jim said...

I love this.

The notion that they think the creative sector is filled with sky gazing beard stroking lay about's makes me chuckle...


anita jean said...

I agree,
Although I wish I had a beard to stroke.

No matter how high every one on earth can be challenged.

I really believe this could be monumental in turning the City Council back to serving the people they are supposed to serve.

Any chance Sir Ian will step in on the funding gap for Glen Crafts? I heard he's a spare 50mill floating around. Nope? Oh well I guess the blind at Glen Craft can see clearer whats going on than those in seats of power.