Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Entertainment News in brief:

Robbie Williams cant think of anything to write songs about so announces he is going to Rehab to gain his fix of media attention. Why can't he just go into rehab without having to announce it to the world?

Kat Slater becomes bionic woman in bizzare new Eastenders spin off. She is set to fight against Chrissie who is now a Cyberman after the events of the series finale of last year's Doctor Who.

Pete Doherty breaks the law again and still doesn't go to prison.

Police reform, which is thought o bring about an end to the anarchy which was caused when they threw in their truncheons and went off to follow solo careers. Scotland Yard Bar and Grill is said to be returning to its former status as MET HQ.

The Best the BBC can describe Gilbert and George as is "Quirky"

Helen Mirren wins Oscar for her Performance as Freddie Mercury in "The Queen"

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