Friday, 16 February 2007

RIP Bambi

I killed a baby deer tonight.

Not very proud of myself.

Was driving to Stranraer and coming up over the hill after Ballantrae, came round a corner and there was a deer crossing the road, i swerved to miss it, and hit its pal. Very ashamed and guilty, never killed anything before, except birds early in the morning with the car and ants.

Anyway, last night was blogless as I was off wining and dining at the Arts event of the year, in Aberdeen at least. David Blyth, Ross Sinclair and Dalziel and Pascoe, oopps I mean Scullian. Was very busy and full of the whos who of the Aberdeen Scene, groovin and a-jiving. Loved Ross Sinclair's stuff, couldnt be arsed with D+S and didnt get much of a chance to see Davids. Although gained a strange affinity with it after the Deer incident, cause there were all these stuffed lambs, and kinda think about them a bit more having killed a young animal.

Oh I'm going to bed in a shower of guilt.

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