Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Well its been a while. Been up to bits and bobs recently. My mate Jon has finished the video he made of my show, which is here:

He's done e over pimp my ride style and i make a bit of small talk with Tim Westwood's cyborg clone from the future about The Silver Machine. He's got a speeded up version of the journey to the space interspersed with Martin's photos. I like it very much.

Speaking of Martin, he and I got together and made a sortof music video. We started taking photos and constructions sculptures then I began to write a tune around a couple of animations and from there we built the rest of he visuals around the tune. It was a weird way to work but we we ended up putting this together:

Essentially all I've done in this blog is rip off jon's own blog, which can be found here. Jon's been doing all sorts of exciting things, he's running the future shorts nights in Aberdeen which starts on the 29th October in the Belmont.

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