Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Getting Ahead in the Lucrative Field of Artist Management

I've just finished putting together a wee piece that I've had i mind for the Peacocks Christmas exhibition. Not everything worked out how it should have, and it was a lot of work for three little things, but now they're done, or half done.

One went to Peacocks unpainted, and I held down the other one and the empty box for Hamnavoe. I'll talk more about that later. I borrowed a camera from work and took a few we shots, wasn't entirelly sure of using the digital SLR, but I seem to have been using them more than compacts these days.

So there they are, the Cassetteboys, named after the cut-up musician and a parody of many generations of walkmen. The collective name for the piece is "Getting Ahead in the Lucrative Field of Artist Management" a track from Psyence Fiction, suggested by the ever insightful IAMMARTIN.

So these three were all originally intended for the Peacock's Christmas Show, but I missed the deadline passed on saturday with the boxes unfinished and one of the walkmen missing, with Halloween and general business and laziness i missed the deadline, but found out it was extended till today so i managed to get one done for Amy to hand in to peacocks, which was lovely of her.

I had got a facebook message from brian the painter saying he was arranging an exhibiton at the Hamnavoe gallery and asked if I had something to put in. I ended deciding to put one of the boxes in, but it ended up two (One with the tape player and one empty) so Martin and I headed down to the gallery with the pieces, and a wee painting of Katies.

I think I must have made a bad first impression cause I saw Brian and walked over to him, but had to be stopped by the owner because I'd strayed too far into the gallery. His reaction to the cassetteboys was a "What the hell is that?" Now, that's probably not the most encouraging reaction to a piece of work I've ever had. He didn't seem muchly impressed so I think I'll probaly have them back for the weekend. Ho Hum.

Did have an interesting journey home featuring a drunk talking about de-tox and some sort of strange jazzy music coming out of a building next to Shirlaws. Also Karl was putting out some computers at work today and got me to take a photo of them

just before a fleshy spider gets a blowjob from John Hurt.

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