Monday, 10 November 2008

Two tunes in one day

Well, like a usual lazy sunday I haven't done much. Was pottering around on Logic this morning with a tune I started building last night, and tonight after the cinema I finished it off (Still need to do some vocals though) and wrote another one which is now finished. I'll pop them on the Myspace tonight maybe.

Anyway, this weekend, as per many, began on Thursday. Louise, Mhairi and Amy had been trying to arrange a screening at Grays on the grounds, it had fallen through, as had a back up plan of the beach so I ended up offering my back garden. There used to be some amazing parties in the garden here at Crown Street, but in the two-plus years I've been here there hasn't really been anything. So on Thursday Louise and that flattened out the grass, we put up a gazebo, got the projector and my new PA out and set up for a screening. The night went pretty well all in all and ended up with a load of us in the garden with a guitar. And general drunkenness, which made work a little difficult the next day.

Martin has some pictures, but he's busy out hob-nobing with celebrities and the like with his big lens, so I'll try and get them soon.

Anyway had a massive sleep to compensate and chilled out the rest of the weekend, watched Quantum of Solace today, which was pretty food despite my apprehensions. Not really sure the point of this any more, just boasting about my two tunes. Oh well.

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