Sunday, 22 February 2009

No More Heroes Any More

As you might be able to see above, I got photos developed from a day out in the snow last week when the school got closed. Was trying out Kieran's OM10 because I had left my EOS at work. Wasn't really sure what was happening to be honest and most the photos came out overexposed and out of focus, there was a couple of nice ones, what I have posted on my flickr. Heres another couple of my favourites:


I got a second EOS body this week as well so I can have two different films on the go at once, and went out getting a few shots yesterday, albiet still using my old body cause you cant seem to get decent colour on the High Street these days. I'm quite enjoying getting back into taking photos. I used to take them all the time when I was at art school, and I've kinda stopped since buying a digital compact and then losing it. We also got a nice little donation to the school this week:

Its a Canon AF 514XLs Super 8 Camera, which comes with a bizarre boom mic attachment and a Eumic projector. They all seem to be in working order, the projector runs but theres no light. I ordered a new bulb for it so hopefully thats the problem.

This has all led me to get back to the stuff I've been supposed to be getting off the ground for this year, but instead of actually doing anything about it I've just started looking for other super 8 cameras and old Canon SLRs on eBay to form a bit of an antique collection. In actuallity I've been thinking about a 3 camera set up to covera project I've been working on. Essentially I have an idea which is kind of a starting point, and I dont know where its going to lead me, so I've decided just to shoot it to death and get as much raw footage and sounds as possible so that I'll hopefully have plenty to choose from.

Just a case of arranging it now....

I had started a blog last week, that was going to end up a bit of a rant, but I couldnt think of anything to say in it that wasnt an angry rant, but realised the gist of it is this:

he has too much to do apparently, like this:

Thats right kids, Ringo cant answer his fan mail because he is too busy making money by selling out to the man. Much like this pair of twats, who obviously cant sell records anymore:

Some questions to be answered "Would this still have happened if I'd still been Richard Starkey?"

Well, probably. Paul McCartney? George Harrison? hardly any more glamourous than Richard Starkey, however you had to rely on Ringo Starr to cover up the fact that you were a substandard drummer. Names aside, it wouldnt have happened without your fans, those hordes of screaming teenagers outside the car, so answer their fucking letters, ya prick!

As for Mssrs Lydon and Pop, who finally admit what we all had suspected for the last three decades, that the heart of Punk is in fact butter and insurance. I'm off to get out my guitar, insure it then smear it in country life. 

I think the Stranglers summed this up best:

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