Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow Business

Britain went mad again this week.

A big snow came down on the UK this week and a couple of inches of snow in London meant that the country was crippled, busses weren't running, shops were closed, trains stopped, babies cried, buildings burned, there were rivers of blood, a plague of locusts and the 21st Century decided to pack it in because things weren't really working out.

Ok, that's too far I suppose, but its pretty close to the truth. Obviously the government, still shitting themselves about the financial crisis decided to invent another crisis and make a scapegoat out of the horrible, evil, disasterous, crippling, fun, happy, beautiful snow! Things were pretty normal in Aberdeen at the start of the week but we've got it now, on the plus side I got home early from work today. And managed to go out snapping some snow shots. I borrowed Kieran's OM10 cause I left my SLR at work, not sure what they're going to turn out like, Ill pop them into Jessops tomorrow and see what happens. The downside is Martin gets to see them before I do.

On the plus side, I really, really love snow. I love the look it gives everything, the sound it makes, just the complete whiteout.

Well Jeremy Clarkson's gone and done it again. He made some comment about Gordon Brown in Australia and had to appologise. As Youtube explains:

With television standards still unsure where they stand in terms of "taste and decency" everyones gone for Clarkson again. In the post-Ross/Brandgate age we live in it seems we have to tread on eggshells in case, no matter how intententional, someone, somewhere gets offended. People are not really supposed to have opinions, let alone say them out loud. Clarkson is a arrogant blowhard, but thats who he is, thats why so many people watch Top Gear, thats whats entertaining. Can you imagine television where everything was taken out leaving only the lowest common denominator? Television that offends absolutelly no one and questions no one and nothing for fear of offence? Television soley filled with multiple Vernon Kayes? Thats the future.


Even his words werent actually offensive, he called our couragous, enterprising, dynamic Prime Minister a "one eyed Scottish Idiot." Now the Nationalists are onto the race issue, the society for the blind are offended, Downing Street aren't happy and I'm pretty sure the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Idiots have been on the dog as well. See, Gordon Brown is Scottish, he is blind in one eye, the only people who have any case to get offended are the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Idiots, for putting idiots in a bad light.

Again, comedy and entertainment gets it in the neck for expressing its opinion, diverting from the actual point and thats that we are being led into a smoldering pit of financial recession by the fucking tool who started the ball rolling who doesnt appear to be doing a single fucking thing about it, other than encouraging people to keep going with the insane borrowing and lending that caused the mess in the first place.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get slammed for offending tools now.

stick this in your arse and lick it:

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