Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Keeping My Head Down

Not really been posting for a while, against my resolution at the start of the year.

Things have been getting pretty gloomy around these parts, curfews, brick-induced head stavings, Ian Wood. In what hopefully isn't some sort of symbolic foreshadowing, The Silver Machine has been knicked by some Aberdonian opportunist. The shed was broken into on Thursday, I came home to find three tramps in the garden, one of them peeing against the wall, the shed door was open and the bike was gone.

The police did the statement thing over the phone and I doubt if anything is going to come of it. Oh well, onwards and upwards I suppose. Since the last time I've done a couple of more wee video things. Part of ongoing working into ideas and stuff, nothing too solid yet but loads of ideas coming from it.

Part of a longer video, a short clip and part one of four hopefully.

Also built on the last flythrough, still lots of work needed:

Got a few days off this weekend so hopefully going to get around a bit and finish off a bit more of this stuff I've been thinking.

I've also ordered my first arduino, oh yes.

Oh yes I have.

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