Sunday, 8 March 2009


So last week I had to go down to Stranraer, my car was due an MOT and it seemed best to take it down home to get it done. This process involved a two-day there and back trip from one side of the country, so I decided to take this as an advantage and pack a load of cameras and get some experiments.

The first thing I got was this, on the way down in the car.

This is actually something I've wanted to do since the first time I made this journey, and theres much more on the actual tape than the little clip above, that I have been doing some fiddling with, but have no firm results as yet.

I also did a bit more experimenting with my stills camera, high ISO colour film in the dark. I wandered around Stranraer harbour, which was good fun finding things I'd not noticed in 25 years or little parts of the harbour that have changed or that I had forgotten. Heres a couple of my favourites.

Railway Bridge
Guantanamo Loch

Theres more of that stuff on my flickr should you feel the need to have a look. I also attempted a time lapse but didn't really work out, however I did get something more interesting out of it that I am going to have to revisit. 

Boy Racers Stranraer Harbour from Fraser Denholm on Vimeo.

Heading down to swap cars again in a couple of weeks so should get some more stuff, got the same to do again, so it'll keep my occupied.

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